The need for time off


Not seen much of mum…. missing evening walks…


I have had an amazing few days that has been a mixture of ministry and fun. The balance of these 2 things is not always as good as it could be but… it is worth finding time…

My biggest problem is that doing both makes me exhausted… take the last 7 days for example..

Monday.. worked in school all day…in the evening I wrote my address for Saturday’s wedding.

Tuesday .. worked in school all day… PCC in the evening.

Wednesday..worked in school all day.. met Bishop M for a fabulous chat.

Thursday ..worked in school all day.. wedding rehearsal followed by deanery synod.

Friday ..worked in school all day.. catch up with 3 friends… won’t, nibbles and Bridget Jone’s baby.

Saturday.. wedding.. rehearsed with choir an hour and a half beforehand… made pizzas with the family and cooked them in the rain… walked miles with e and Laika, went to the railway sheds to see Lindisfarne play.

Sunday.. 8am, 10am, 2 lots of baptisms and slept….

Today worked in school all day.. met the clergettes for tea…


A balance? No… but fun… yes!!



Today is Synod Day


What a beautiful  morning… already been on a walk through the woods, found things to sniff, looked up at the sun and run through the long grass.. What a way for a dog to begin the day!

As for my vicar… Well she walked with me, thanked God for the beauty of the day, met some lovely village people who came to talk to her about something important…

I wonder what is for breakfast?


Had an amazing walk this morning, the sun was streaming through the trees, casting shadows on the ground. I could walk with no coat because it was so warm. Wellies coild have been optional too…Met D, a man who wanted to talk… lovely ro take the time and listen.

Well I now have a busy day ahead… work all day, wedding rehearsal and deanary synod tonight… what more could a vicar need?

Actually this is a great day…i get to work with some amazing people to make a difference to 23 lives, then I get to meet a very excited couple and help me hem prepare for Saturday.

Synod is necessary, in the scheme of things, a part of information sharing, a part of sharing the mission if God. An opportuity to work in partnership.

Morning Prayer first…

Psalm 57

8 My heart is ready, O God, my heart is ready; 
I will sing and give you praise.

Awake, my soul; awake, harp and lyre, 
that I may awaken the dawn.

10 I will give you thanks, O Lord, among the peoples; 
I will sing praise to you among the nations.

11 For your loving-kindness is as high as the heavens, 
and your faithfulness reaches to the clouds.

HOW can I not be uplifted? God is with us…

Oh well .. up and at em

My first Blog. 


This is a question I ask myself about many things… Why am I doing it?

Most of the time I can say it is because I believe that God has called me and this is all part of the wonderful journey I am to go on with him.

I am looking forward to using this blog to explore some of my thoughts, prayers and ideas that I usually only share with Daisy, my beautiful little dog. As I walk her she hears the innermost thoughts of my head, so now I am going to put some of them down in an attempt to help others work things out in their heads. I have no idea how often I will blog…. but here is the first one finished.


Err.. I am asleep!! Night night